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How amazing is this man?! 

Can I just let this feeling sink for a bit?

Like. How great is SHINee??!! 
How is it even possible that I’ve never met these people and I feel this much for them?! Its more than admiration. 
They inspire me to try harder. To not give up. 
They literally make me smile for no other reason than their existence.

Key reminded me today that we are all just people. And we’re all on this same planet. That anything is possible. 
Shawols ♥
You also give me hope.
That this world can unite. Set aside or differences and really UNITE.
With no need for a common enemy. Just doing it because we love each other. 
This has nothing and everything to do with Kpop.

How great is not only the music and amazing talent, not just their beauty and character, but the love and dedication they inspire us with. 

The people who work hard and make their dreams happen in a world where it’s always harder just to get by. Are the ones we look up to.

cr: panic station

HQ - Actor Jared Leto accepts the Best Performance by an Actor in a Supporting Role award for ‘Dallas Buyers Club’